As an overseas consultancy, we understand the importance of supporting students’ families and loved ones when they pursue education abroad. Therefore, we offer assistance with dependent visas to ensure that students’ family members can join them during their study abroad journey.

A dependent visa is a type of visa that allows the spouse, children, or other dependent family members of a student studying abroad to accompany them and reside in the same country for the duration of their study program. The specific requirements and eligibility criteria for dependent visas vary depending on the country and immigration regulations, but our team of experts is well-versed in the latest immigration rules and can provide comprehensive guidance and assistance throughout the process.

Our services related to dependent visas typically include:

  1. Information and eligibility assessment: We provide detailed information about the dependent visa requirements, eligibility criteria, and documentation needed for different countries. We assess the eligibility of the student’s family members for a dependent visa based on the immigration regulations and provide guidance accordingly.
  2. Documentation assistance: We assist in gathering and organizing the necessary documents, such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, passports, and other supporting documents required for the dependent visa application. We also review the documents to ensure they are complete and accurate.
  3. Application preparation and submission: We help students and their families prepare and submit the dependent visa application, including filling out the application forms, compiling the required documents, and submitting the application to the relevant immigration authorities.
  4. Visa processing and follow-up: We closely monitor the progress of the dependent visa application and provide regular updates to the students and their families. We follow up with the immigration authorities on their behalf and provide assistance with any additional requirements or queries that may arise during the visa processing.
  5. Pre-departure orientation: We provide information and guidance to the students and their families about the process of traveling and settling in the foreign country, including accommodation, healthcare, transportation, and other essential aspects.

Our aim is to ensure that students’ families can join them during their study abroad journey and have a smooth and hassle-free experience obtaining the dependent visa. We understand the importance of family support for students’ well-being and academic success, and we strive to provide reliable and professional assistance throughout the dependent visa process.